Italian food


All these products can be enjoyed singly or together at an accessible price, offering everyone the opportunity to experience the quality and virtues of the best Italian food through its great world champions: pizza, pasta, ice cream, and coffee. It means being free to savour, whenever and wherever you like, even to take away, the satisfaction of real Italian passion.


All signed by Maranello, a symbol for the heart of the part of Italy that, with all its farmsteads and engines, art and design, culture and beauty, emotions and ingenuity, spontaneity and exclusiveness, tradition and innovation, gives rise to the greatest of human aspirations, which everyone should be entitled to enjoy: that of genuine wellbeing. Maranello il Ristorantino strives to be the essence of a spontaneously Italian lifestyle, which finds its fullest representation in good food enjoyed as it should be: the art of combining good living with… a good lifestyle.

Italian Quality


Our vocation

To offer healthy and tasty food to demanding gourmets.


Our mission

To export quality Italian pizza, pasta, ice-cream and coffee all over the world, spreading in this way the real Italian culinary culture and hospitality.


Our value

To encourage healthy and conscious nutrition.


Our experience

To share our experience with all businessmen who want to be successful when entering the food-industry for the first time.