Maranello Made in Red

There is a place where energy and passion meet every day. Where our love for the legendary red Ferrari is shared with the entire world in a truly unique and universal embrace.

Maranello city


This place is Maranello, the land of the Myth. The magnificent synergy between the territory of Maranello and its legend is now deeply ident ified by the official and original brand of the City of Maranello, named “Maranello Made in Red”, conceived and launched by the municipality of the City of Maranello in 1997. M made in red Maranello® registered trademark is owned by the municipality of Maranello and is granted under  anexclusive international license for the right to use to Made in Red S.r.l.. It is registered internationally in numerous classes for almost every sector to accompany the events and the productions that refer to Maranello worldwide.


Maranello Made in Red TM represents a promotional and social operation, 

Red Passion

adopting a striking formula of “territorial marketing”, but still very entrepreneurial and commercial, which has found everywhere friends and connections since it runs in parallel with a lifestyle declined through real Italian passions as “motors”, food, hospitality, design, creativity, beauty, exclusiveness and, in general, all those valueslinked to an exiting well-being philosophy actually shared by a world of fans.


The driving concept behind the Brand is definitely the acknowledgment of the worldwide fame, the evocative image and the notorious name of Maranello not only  thanks to the passion and the tension for “motors”. Maranello identifies perfectly Italian style and culture, designed by emotions and ingenuity, feelings and quality, imagination and ability, refinement and concreteness. In one word, timeless creativity. Maranello is the essence of Italianness, infused with inimitable tradition and incessant innovation.