The pilot project was conceived and developed applying the concept of small floor spaces, so that the realization and management of venues in any location is always sustainable and profitable. The design format realized by the AP Design studio is based on the adoption of natural wood, tempered glass in contrasting light and dark shades, and washable surfaces that always look fresh and clean. The setting of every Maranello il Ristorantino is itself an authentic Italian style product, physically made in Italy.


It is a fascinating experience to be submerged in this sea of products in branded packages, located in simple white frontally lit squares that highlight the class of the food on display. Design


The bar, the hinge pin of the venue, offers numerous opportunities for stimulating and satisfying all the senses: with a view, enhanced for example by the window displaying pizzas on slate trays, in turn supported on wooden boards; with aromas, sitting at the bar you are enfolded in savoury perfumes with a clear view of the preparation and service of the ordered products; flavours, enjoyed first with the eyes and then delighting the palate.


Through the training, the assistance and the technology used, the food production process becomes easy and rapid, without any use of specialized personnel. Training for the salesmen, ready-to-use and innovative instruments for an efficient marketing and communication of the point of sale show the customer the quality of the entire system.